Intestine - Tissue Tables

SpeciesSpecies DetailCellsEnzyme(s)Medium Reference
Canine Dog, adult Intestinal L-cells Collagenase Type 1: 75 u/ml
HBSS Damholt AB, Buchan AM, Kofod H: Glucagon-like-peptide-1 secretion from canine L-cells is increased by glucose-dependent-insulinotropic peptide but unaffected by glucose, Endocrinology 139, 2085-91, 1998
Human Human Lamina propria lymphocytes Collagenase: 20 u/ml
Medium Ebert, Ellen.: CD2 Activation of Human Lamina Propria Lymphocytes Reduces CD3 Responsiveness., Immunology 117, 71-7, 2006
Human Human Lamina propria mononuclear cells Collagenase: 0.02%
HBSS Kanai Takanori, Totsuka Teruji, Uraushihara Koji, Makita Shin, Nakamura Tetsuya, Koganei Kazutaka, Fukushima Tsuneo, Akiba Hisaya, Yagita Hideo, Okumura Ko, Machida Utako, Iwai Hideyuki, Azuma Miyuki, Chen Lieping, Watanabe Mamoru: Blockade of B7-H1 suppresses the development of chronic intestinal inflammation, J Immunol 171, 4156-63, 2003
Human Human Intestinal epithelial Collagenase Type 4: 72.5 u/ml
HBSS Fahlgren, A., Hammarstrom, S., Danielsson, A. and Hammarstrom, M.: Increased Expression of Antimicrobial Peptides and Lysozyme in Colonic Epithelial Cells of Patients with Ulcerative Colitis., Clin Exp Immunol 131, 90, 2003
Human Human Mucosal mononuclear cells Collagenase Type 3: 0.01%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.01%
Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor: 0.01%
RPMI Stallmach A, Schaffer F, Hoffmann S, Weber S, Muller-Molaian I, Schneider T, Kohne G, Ecker KW, Feifel G, Zeitz M: Increased state of activation of CD4 positive T cells and elevated interferon gamma production in pouchitis, Gut 43, 499-505, 1998
Mouse Mouse, embryonic Crypt Collagenase Type 1: 200 u/ml
HIS kit: 100 u/ml
DMEM Ren HJ, Zhang CL, Liu RD, Li N, Li XG, Xue HK, Guo Y, Wang ZQ, Cui J and Ming L: Primary Cultures of Mouse Small Intestinal Epithelial Cells using the Dissociating Enzyme Type I Collagenase and Hyaluronidase., Braz J Med Biol Res 50, e5831, 2017
Mouse Mouse Lamina propria mononuclear cells Collagenase Type 3: 400 u/ml
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.001%
HBSS Seo, S., Kuffa, P., Kitamoto, S., Nagao-Kitamoto, H., Rousseau, J., Kim, Y., Nunez, G. and Kamada, N.: Intestinal Macrophages Arising from CCR2(+) Monocytes Control Pathogen Infection by Activating Innate Lymphoid Cells., Nat Commun 6, 8010, 2015
Mouse Mouse Lymphocytes Collagenase Type 1: 100 u/ml
RPMI-1640 Beura, L., Anderson, K., Schenkel, J., Locquiao, J., Fraser, K., Vezys, V., Pepper, M. and Masopust, D.: Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus Persistence Promotes Effector-Like Memory Differentiation and Enhances Mucosal T cell Distribution., J Leukoc Biol 97, 217, 2015
Mouse Mouse, P4 Enteric neural crest progenitors Neutral Protease: 0.5%
Collagenase animal free: 0.05%
DMEM/F12 Hotta, R., Stamp, L., Foong, J., McConnell, S., Bergner, A., Anderson, R., Enomoto, H., Newgreen, D., Obermayr, F., Furness, J. and Young, H.: Transplanted Progenitors Generate Functional Enteric Neurons in the Postnatal Colon., J Clin Invest 123, 1182, 2013
Mouse Mouse colon tumor organoids Collagenase Type 4: 200 u/ml
Neutral Protease: 0.01%
DMEM Xue, X. and Shah, Y.: In Vitro Organoid Culture of Primary Mouse Colon Tumors., J Vis Exp , e50210, 2013
Mouse Mouse Intestinal organoids Collagenase Type 1: 800 u/ml
Neutral Protease: 0.013%
DMEM Barthel, E., Speer, A., Levin, D., Sala, F., Hou, X., Torashima, Y., Wigfall, C. and Grikscheit, T.: Tissue Engineering of the Intestine in a Murine Model., J Vis Exp 70, e4279, 2012
Mouse Mouse Dendritic, macrophages Collagenase: 0.15%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.004%
HBSS Geem, D., Medina-Contreras, O., Kim, W., Huang, C. and Denning T.: Isolation and Characterization of Dendritic Cells and Macrophages from the Mouse Intestine., J Vis Exp 63, e4040, 2012
Mouse Mouse, neonatal and adult Myenteric plexus Collagenase Type 4: 0.025-0.1%
Papain: 10 u/ml
Deoxyribonuclease I: 100 u/ml
HBSS Joseph, N., He, S., Quintana, E., Kim, Y., Nunez, G. and Morrison, S.: Enteric Glia are Multipotent in Culture but Primarily Form Glia in the Adult Rodent Gut., J Clin Invest 121, 3398, 2011
Mouse Mouse Lamina propria lymphocytes Collagenase Type 1: 0.3%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.01%
RPMI 1640 Ito, Y., Kanai, T., Totsuka, T., Okamoto, R., Tsuchiya, K., Nemoto, Y., Yoshioka, A., Tomita, T., Nagaishi, T., Sakamoto, N., Sakanishi, T., Okumura, K., Yagita, H. and Watanabe, M.: Blockade of NKG2D Signaling Prevents the Development of Murine CD4+ T Cell-Mediated Colitis., Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol 294, G199, 2008
Mouse Mouse Intestinal mononuclear Collagenase Type 4: 0.1%
RPMI 1640 Forbes, E., Groschwitz, K., Abonia, J.P., Brandt, E., Cohen, E., Blanchard, C., Ahrens, R., Seidu, L., McKenzie, A., Strait, R., Finkelman, F., Foster, P., Matthaei, K., Rothenberg, M. and Hogan, S.: IL-9- and Mast Cell-Mediated Intestinal Permeability Predisposes to Oral Antigen Hypersensitivity., J Exp Med 205, 897, 2008
Mouse Mouse, Mastomys natalensis Enterochromaffin cells Collagenase: 0.025%
Pronase E: 0.07%
HBSS Kidd, M., Modlin, I., Eick, G. and Champaneria, M.: Isolation, Functional Characterization, and Transcriptome of Mastomys Ileal Enterochromaffin Cells., Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol 291, G778-91, 2006
Mouse Mouse, 7 week Interstitial cells Collagenase: 0.04%
Trypsin: 0.02%
see reference Goto Kazunori, Matsuoka Satoshi, Noma Akinori: Two types of spontaneous depolarizations in the interstitial cells freshly prepared from the murine small intestine, J Physiol 559, 411-22, 2004
Mouse Mouse, 9-13 day Interstitial cells of Cajal Collagenase Type 2: 0.13%
HBSS Ordag Tamas, Redelman Doug, Miller Lisa J, Horvath Viktor J, Zhong Qiao, Almeida-Porada Graca, Zanjani Esmail D, Horowitz Burton, Sanders Kenton M: Purification of interstitial cells of Cajal by fluorescence-activated cell sorting, Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 286, C448-56, 2004
Mouse Mouse, 0-15 day Interstitial cells of Cajal Collagenase Type 2: 0.13%
Hanks Lee Young Mee, Kim Byung Joo, Kim Hyun Jin, Yang Dong Ki, Zhu Mei Hong, Lee Kyu Pil, So Insuk, Kim Ki Whan: TRPC5 as a candidate for the nonselective cation channel activated by muscarinic stimulation in murine stomach, Am J Physiol/Gastro 284, G604-16, 2003
Mouse Mouse Lamina propria lymphocytes Collagenase Type 4: 300 u/ml
PBS Wu Y, Wang X, Csencsits KL, Haddad A, Walters N, Pascual DW: M cell-targeted DNA vaccination, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 98, 9318-23, 2001
Mouse Mouse, F14 Intestinal mesenchymal Collagenase Type 2: 0.03%
HBSS Sakagami Y, Inaguma Y, Sakakura T, Nishizuka Y: Intestine-like remodeling of adult mouse glandular stomach by implanting of fetal intestinal mesenchyme, Cancer Res 44, 5845-9, 1984
Rat Rat, postnatal, adult Gut Neural Crest Stem Cells Collagenase Type 4: 0.1%
Trypsin: 0.025%
HBSS Kruger, G., Mosher, J., Bixby, S., Joseph, N., Iwashita, T. and Morrison, S.: Neural Crest Stem Cells Persist in the Adult Gut but Undergo Changes in Self-Renewal, Neuronal Subtype Potential, and Factor Responsiveness., Neuron 35, 657, 2002
Rat Rat, SD, embryonic Sciatic Nerve and Gut Neural Crest Stem Cells Collagenase Type 4: 0.025%
Trypsin: 0.005%
Deoxyribonuclease I: 0.05%
HBSS Bixby, S., Kruger, G., Mosher, J., Joseph, N. and Morrison, S.: Cell-Intrinsic Differences Between Stem Cells from Different Regions of the Peripheral Nervous System Regulate the Generation of Neural Diversity., Neuron 35, 643, 2002
Rat Rat, male, 18-24 day Intestinal epithelial Collagenase Type 1: 0.1%
DMEM Quaroni A, Wands J, Trelstad RL, Isselbacher KJ: Epithelioid cell cultures from rat small intestine. Characterization by morphologic and immunologic criteria, J Cell Biol 80, 248-65, 1979