Celase® GMP, Collagenase/Neutral Protease Blend

Worthington now offers another potential solution for your adipose stem cell isolation applications; Celase® GMP, an avian and mammalian tissue-free Collagenase and neutral protease enzyme blend produced under GMP quality conditions by Cytori Therapeutics, a leader in the development of human adipose stem cell isolation therapies for clinical applications.

 Celase® GMP is specifically designed for stem cell isolation from human and other adipose tissue with following advantages:

 • A single, sterile, ready-to-use vial containing both collagenase and neutral protease can digest up to 280g of adipose tissue with best-in-class GMP quality and shelf life of up to 72 months.

 • Currently included in IDE applications approved by the U.S. FDA for alopecia, chronic heart failure, hamstring injuries, osteoarthritis of the knee, and hand manifestations of scleroderma.

 • A Technical Dossier is available from Cytori to ease the transition from research to clinical applications.

 • Research protocols are available from Worthington and Cytori for dissociating canine, equine, human, ovine, porcine, rabbit and rodent adipose tissue.

 • A proprietary, blended proteolytic enzyme designed for efficient, gentle and reproducible in vitro dissociation of nucleated cells from adipose tissue.

 • Produced using avian and mammalian tissue-free raw materials, aseptic processes and sterile filtration under GMP guidelines to assure the lowest levels of impurities and stringent quality standards.

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