NADase (DPNase)

NAD+ glycohydrolase

Enzymatic Reaction (image will open in a new window) 

NADase catalyzes the following reaction:


The enzyme is found primarily in animal tissue. That from pig brain has been purified by Swislocki and Kaplan (1967). See also Kaplan (1955). Bernheimer et al. (1957) and Carlson et al. (1957) reported on NADase from hemolytic streptococci which Fehrenbach (1971 and 1972) has identified with streptolysin-O. The NADase form Neurospora crassa differs from that of the animal tissue enzyme in that it does not form analogs (Kaplan 1955).

Characteristics of NADase from Neurospora crassa:

pH range: 3.0-9.0.

Specificity: Attacks both NADP and NAD.

Inhibitors: The Neurospora crassa NADase in contrast to the hog brain enzyme is relatively insensitive to nicotinamide. A concentration of 0.1 M nicotinamide is required to bring about inhibition.

Stability: Stable when kept frozen, but a slight loss in activity may be noted at 2 - 8°C.

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