Molecular Biology

Worthington Biochemical has purposely limited our products for molecular biology to the major 'work-horse' enzymes and nucleic acids. There are several other companies that specialize in the many restriction enzymes, plasmids, vectors and various kits that are used in molecular biology applications.

In addition, Worthington has developed the technology to consistently produce and purify recombinant enzymes and proteins in genetically engineered bacteria and yeast. Many of these recombinant products are also produced to be free of animal components (Animal Free, AF) to eliminate BSE/TSE & mammalian viral risks. We look forward to continuing development of this technology and welcome your comments and suggestions of how we may better serve your needs.

• NEW Animal Free (AF) Recombinant DNase I, Molecular Biology Grades (DR1S/DR1) and Bioprocessing Grade (DR2)

Animal Free (AF) RNase T1(RTIS) & Recombinant RNase T2 (RT2R)

Recombinant HIV Reverse Transcriptase (RTHIV)

Phosphodiesterases I (VPH) & Phosphodiesterases II (SPH)

Mirococcal (NFCP) & S1 Nucleases (SINUC)

Phosphatases (CAP/BAPF/BAPC)

Nucleic Acids (DNA/SDNA/DNAEC/DNAL & fragments)