Vaccine Production & Bioprocessing

Do you need to eliminate BSE/TSE & mammalian viral risks? Worthington offers Animal Free (AF) nucleases & proteases for vaccine and bioprocessing applications.

Worthington is a privately owned, ISO9001 Certified primary producer of purified enzymes, proteins and nucleic acids for biotech and life science research, regenerative medicine, diagnostic, biopharmaceutical and bioprocessing applications under GMP guidelines.  

Products include:

Also, for molecular biology and bioprocessing applications:

For classical cell isolation, immunoconjugation, and vaccine production applications:

For proteomics and sequencing, Worthington offers SequENZ® Trypsin, chemically modified for minimal autolysis at neutral pH's along with Sequencing Grades of Chymotrypsin (CDSEQ), Staph Protease/Endo-GLU-C (STSEQ) and Clostripain/Endo-ARG-C (CPSEQ).

As a primary manufacturer, Worthington can meet enzyme requirements from research-scale to bulk bioprocessing quantities.