Sample Request Form

Collagenase Sample Request Form

There is no charge for participating in the collagenase sampling program. 

Under the program, individual researchers are provided with 100 mg samples of up to three different lots or types of collagenase for evaluation in their own assay systems.

A period of 60 days is allowed for your evaluation of these samples. A minimum of 3 grams of each lot will be placed on HOLD, reserved in your name. When you determine which lot performs best for you, simply specify the lot desired when ordering.  The only requirement, once a suitable lot of collagenase is found, is that you purchase a minimum of 3 grams of the material.  Please submit complete ship-to address, phone number, email and amount of collagenase to be reserved using form below.  

Mailing Address
Requested lot numbers, if known
(Minimum 3 grams)
Do you wish to speak to Technical Service