March 10, 2019

Worthington Announces the Availability of the 18th Edition Tissue Dissociation Guide for a New Generation of Life Science Resear

New technical education guide includes new applications table, updated references, expanded tissue tables and eye-catching technical wall poster available in print and digital formats.

Worthington announced the release of the 18th edition of the Tissues Dissociation Guide for biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, pre-clinical research and bioprocessing applications. As an enzyme specialty company with a solid 70-year history, the Worthington

name has become synonymous with the term “primary enzyme producer”. Worthington has been publishing technical enzyme and applications manuals since the 1950s. “With an emphasis on bench scientists, and students interested in life science and STEM studies, we continually update and create free technical materials from our extensive citations library,” said Jim Zacka, vice president at Worthington. “This manual also includes a pullout wall poster

entitled Exploring the Depths of Cell Isolation, an easy-to-use primary cell isolation enzyme digestion scale for troubleshooting a dissociation and planning isolation strategy.”

March 10, 2019