January 01, 2019

Worthington Publishes 2019-20 Product Guide & Price List

2019-20 Price List of Enzymes, Biochemicals and Primary Cell Isolation Kits


Worthington announced the release of their 2019-20 product guide and price list filled with an extensive product offering for scientific researchers across the globe. New and existing products are included for applications such as Primary Cell Isolation and Cell Culture, Protein Sequencing, Enzymology and Molecular Biology. 

With an ongoing focus on new products, this new Worthington catalog include new higher activities Collagenase Types 6 and 7, Animal Free (AF) STEMxyme® Collagenase/Neutral Protease (Dispase®) Blends, Collagenases, DNase, RNase T2 and other enzymes for regenerative medicine, biopharma and vaccine production applications. 

 Scientists can access the new catalog and product guide in multiple ways:

•       Printed Version – Request a printed copy of the catalog  online.:   

•       Digital Version – Visit to view the digital version of the catalog 

January 01, 2019