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Bovine Raw Material Certification

Worthington Biochemical Corporation, a producer of enzymes, related biochemicals and kits for life science research applications, certifies that all lots and types of bovine, porcine and other animal-based starting materials are sourced from USDA or equivalent approved suppliers. All manufacturing and purification takes place at Worthington's facilities located in Lakewood, New Jersey, USA.

All glands, organs and tissue raw materials used by Worthington Biochemical Corporation for further processing originate from certified USDA or equivalent inspected plants, where animals are given ante and post-mortem inspections and are deemed fit for human consumption. Worthington certifies that all lots of Deoxyribonuclease and Ribonuclease are subjected to a pH of less than 3.0 for greater than five (5) hours during processing. Copies of raw material suppliers' certifications are also available.

Please see also our official BSE/TSE Raw Material Certification document.

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