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Operations: Marketing

Worthington occupies a vital niche in the field of biomedical research and technology. The specialized nature of our products makes it difficult for new-comers to break into the market because researchers simply want reliable, consistent products with which to work. They do not want to 'shop around' for new sources as long as the material they get is satisfactory and reasonably priced.

Researchers are interested in their own fields of study, and they do not wish to brush up on enzymology if they have a problem: They want to be able to call the supplier and get the answers they need. Worthington has long had a reputation for good technical support. Even though the company name had vanished during the ten year period Worthington had been owned by other companies, its publication, The Worthington Enzyme Manual, could still be found in practically every major biochemical research lab in the world. Since the return of the original company the Manual has been updated and published twice, thereby returning the Worthington name to its prominent position in the research community.

Worthington attends numerous scientific meetings and exhibitions each year where we meet with customers and introduce new products. These events keep us in touch with the latest areas of interest in molecular biology, cell biology, clinical chemistry, neuroscience, microbiology, and cancer research. We also attend technical trade shows at major research centers such as Fort Detrick, NIH, and Harvard/MIT.

Our mailing list is comprised entirely of the names of researchers who have asked specifically to be included in the list. There are currently over 35,000 names. Our customer base includes every major university in the United States which has a biochemistry department as well as every biochemical research institute. Approximately 25% of our sales are to companies and researchers located outside the United States. We have 34 distributors in 28 countries, including Canada. Bulk sales make up between 25% and 30% of our domestic sales. These are sales to companies which use our products in the manufacture of their own products, bioprocessing, diagnostics and to companies which distribute our products under their own label and use them in their products and kits.

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