Amino Acid Oxidase, L- Product Information

Source: Crotalus adamanteus Venom

L-Amino Acid Oxidase is an oligomeric glycoprotein composed of unequal amounts of two different approximately 70 kDa subunits. Three electrophoretically different isozymes occur as different combinations of the two subunits. there are approximately two moles of FAD per mole of holo-enzyme. L-amino acid oxidase catalyzes the oxidative deamination of a number of L-amino acids. The enzyme is absolutely specific for L-isomers. The Worthington product is prepared according to Wellner and Meister, JBC, 235, 2013, (1960) to the point just prior to crystallization.

Stability/Storage: The enzyme is stable in solution for 6-12 months at 2-8°C. The presence of substrate and the absence of of oxygen stabilize the enzyme at elevated temperatures. The enzyme may be reversibly inactivated by incubation at 38°C in phosphate buffer, pH 7.5 (Wellner, Biochem., 5, 1586, 1966). Curti, et al., JBC, 243, 2306, 1968 report reversible inactivation upon freezing. Store at 2-8°C. Do not freeze.

Unit Defintion: One Unit oxidizes one micormole of L-leucine per minute at 25°C, pH 7.6

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Amino Acid Oxidase, L-
An aqueous solution with toluene added as a preservative.
Store at 2-8C. DO NOT FREEZE.
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