Uricase Product Information

Source: Candida utilis


Uricase from Candida yeast has a molecular weight of ~120,000 daltons and an optimum pH of 8.5. The enzyme is stable at pH 8.5-9.5 and at temperatures below 35°C. The pI is 5.6. It is inhibited by various purine analogs of urate, and by copper chelating agents. The enzyme is highly specific for uric acid.

Unit Definition: One Unit oxidizes one micromole of uric acid per minute

DescriptionActivityCodeSizeCat. No.Price
A soluble, lyophilized preparation.
Store at -20C.
≥2 units per mg dry weight URYW 100 un LS003857 $80.00 Buy Now
Bulk LS003855 Inquire

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