Worthington Tissue Dissociation Guide

Dissociating Enzymes: Animal Origin Free (AOF) Enzymes

General interest in Animal Origin Free (AOF) tissue dissociation enzymes has dramatically increased to avoid potential contamination with mammalian agents such as prions and viruses. Worthington produces seberal AOF collagenases, proteases and nucleases for those requiring AOF enzymes; please check our current catalog for our these products.

Note: Application specific cell isolation systems have been developed by Worthington to eliminate the need for experimenting with various enzyme combinations and use testing several lots of collagenase. Descriptions for these systems can be found in our current catalog.


Tissue Tables

The Worthington Tissue Tables provide references useful to researchers interested in tissue dissociation and cell harvesting procedures. The references are organized by Tissue and Species type and linked to PubMed citations. The Cell type, Enzymes, and Medium for each reference is provided.

To search by specific criteria, use the Tissue References Search Tool.

Worthington Tissue Dissociation Guide

Tissue Tables (references, grouped by tissue type and species)