Worthington Tissue Dissociation Guide

Methods and Materials: Trituration

(Cell dispersion through mild pumping action)

This can be a crucial procedure. It serves to break up the tissue fragments following incubation in the dissociation mix. If done too vigorously, cells will be destroyed lowering viability; too weakly and tissue fragments will be left intact lowering yield. Gentle trituration, using a 10 ml pipette, constitutes filling and emptying the barrel at a rate of about 3.0 ml per sec. You can best determine a suitable rate for your tissue through trial and error. Avoid bubbling the cell suspension.

Tissue Tables

The Worthington Tissue Tables provide references useful to researchers interested in tissue dissociation and cell harvesting procedures. The references are organized by Tissue and Species type and linked to PubMed citations. The Cell type, Enzymes, and Medium for each reference is provided.

To search by specific criteria, use the Tissue References Search Tool.

Worthington Tissue Dissociation Guide

Tissue Tables (references, grouped by tissue type and species)